09/28/14 - Intake & Accountability.

I ate much better today! Less sugar, more veggies!

I bought these chicken sausages (Sabatinos Smoked Mozzarella Chicken Sausage with Artichokes and Garlic) from Costco and they are incredible! 4 points plus each and even better than the trader joe chicken sausages.

22/26 p+ 

Note: Wasn’t very hungry.

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Anonymous asked:

My fav nuribullet recipe is peanut butter, banana, protein whey, and milk

The French Press. Answer:

Thank you! Sounds yummy :)

09/27/14 - Intake & Accountability.

Another day of a lot of sugar - Oikos Pumpkin pie Greek yogurt (so good), Starbucks frap caramel light, Kashi almond sea salt granola bar, granulated sugar in my coffee, and chocolates of the world truffles. Tomorrow I will watch my sugar intake and attempt to get more veggies in me.


weight watchers weightwatchers

09/26/14 - Intake & Accoutability.

Worked at the hospital all day so I had my typical packed lunch (with a new addition: a hard boiled egg). Ate a bit too much sugar in the evening but honestly I’m not worried about it. Ate a handful of weeklies… life is good :)

Current weight: 129.2 lbs

PS: I love Cadbury creme eggs! *Swoon*

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Woke up this morning, busted out my yoga mat, and did sun solutions to this song (and a couple others). Definitely not a typical yoga song but somehow it worked. Still feeling a tad under the weather but I feel energized and my head is clear…

yoga sun solutions flume music